There’s a third Star Trek movie coming out soon, and Spiderman is going to have another Peter Parker. Things change as things stay the same. I started a blog in college to document my angst of the moment, youtube videos I liked, musings about the world, and to share my unique wit. My first post blog quoted Byron, “I want a hero: an uncommon want.” That initial post is lost on the internet somewhere. It was a rather pretentious start to the several dozen musings that followed. And then it petered out. I got a girlfriend and a job. The world did not miss my opinions.

Several years later I rebooted this property after being inspired by reading lots of blogs at work – most notably – Fred Wilson (, Sacha Dichter (, and Seth Godin (If you’re reading this, you know Seth’s blog). They convinced me that it is important to write for writing’s sake. Volume was more important than viewers. I tried to post every day. For a while that worked, but then it became every week and then every month. Then I got engaged, started wedding planning and traveling to friends’ weddings, and after my own wedding – got a new job. The time for blogging evaporated. And my server ran out of money – deleting all of the posts I had written before.

So here I am looking for the write way to launch round three. I still have a lot I want to get down. I still think writing is the best way to sharpen fuzzy insights into coherent logic. Whether it is about geopolitics or data strategy – I have many opinions in my head. Putting them on screen helps me hold them up, examine them, and archive them. If you have the time to share in this quest humble reader, I welcome your comments and tweets. If no one else reads this besides future me that’s ok too. I’m sorry I didn’t put more into the savings account this month.

Byron wanted a hero, but at the end of his poem he settles for Don Juan. I’d like to blog about meaningful things too, but time will tell who pops up on these pages. Welcome to the re-reboot.


mic movie film trailer mic

Pew. Pew. Pew.

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